An awareness and real concern for the  environment

A conscious effort

In a conscious effort to respond to the impact of our trade upon the environment we have implemented a variety of business practices that reflect this ethos. We only use FSC accredited suppliers and substrates, vegetable oil based inks and environmentally friendly washes. We have updated our plate making system to be completely chemistry free, we have recently installed a Heidelberg XL105, the latest in printing technology which is extremely power efficient and helps reduce our carbon footprint.


Throughout the offices and factory, practices including separate paperwork (kept to a minimum) raw material separation and finishing requirements are constantly adhered to. All our waste products are separated and either recycled or disposed of by authorised and certificated contractors.


In choosing us as a print partner you can be assured that we do everything possible on your behalf to be as responsible to the environment as possible.



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At Argent Litho ltd we take our responsibility to the environment very seriously.

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